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By realizing the passion of the kitchen, the simple joys of cooking and the pleasant gift of company, we wanted to make Mediterranean Organic a memorable experience.  You don’t have to travel across the world to enjoy authentic dining.  With our line of certified organic, non-GMO and delicious products, creating Mediterranean infused meals are a possibility from the comfort of your own home. 

It’s about those extra touches and ingredients that make a meal special.  Whether it’s sundried tomatoes tossed with olive oil over angel hair pasta, roasted red peppers sandwiched between a hearty baguette, dolmas accompanied by fresh cheese and wine for an antipasti platter, or even some kalamata snack olives for a sophisticated on-the-go treat, take time to savor the flavor as much as the company when you cook with our fresh and authentic ingredients. 

Who We Are
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Mediterranean Organic thrives in the vibrant and diverse city of Providence Rhode Island.  Surrounded by an immense depth of culinary offerings and a community that has a passion for international food, it is no wonder why we have found our home here.  A group of creative individuals are constantly working to source traditional and trendy Mediterranean inspired foods and ingredients to make cooking and dining a pleasurable and inspiring experience.  We enjoy the challenge of learning new cooking techniques with ingredients that others have enjoyed for centuries and appreciate the opportunities we have to learn from other cultures.  Food is an international language to us and a time to connect, create and sustain our wellbeing.