These large, golden green organic olives are naturally fermented to produce their sweet, fruity flavor and stuffed with bits of sweet, red organic peppers. Read more > 


Are all of your olives cured?
Yes. Olives are too bitter to eat when first picked. Curing them makes them edible.

Are your olives cured in dye or lye?
No. Our olives are cured the natural and traditional way in brine, a mixture of salt and water. The green olives are washed in lye to help soften the skin.

What's the difference between black and green olives?
Green olives are olives picked off the tree prior to ripening. After curing, they are crunchy with a smooth and delicate taste. Black olives are olives that are left on the tree to fully ripen. They are cured and packed in brine containing vinegar, giving them a soft texture and rich flavor.

What are Kalamata Olives?
Kalamata olives are the top variety of Greek table olives, loved for their great taste and texture. Kalamata olives ripen on the trees and are then hand-harvested. They are cured in brine, a mixture of water and salt. Kalamata olives come from Kalamata, Greece and have an oval shape.

How long can I keep my organic olives after opening?
Our organic olives should be covered with brine or water and stored in the refrigerator after opening.  Once opened, our olives have a 2 week shelf life.

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These popular organic olives are named for the city of Kalamata in Greece. They are oval in shape and have a smooth, meat-like taste. Read More >